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Life changing! There is no better experience you can have but here at the Adriatic Sea. So much value. It’s priceless. I am very pleased. Each village you go to, the people are so friendly, giving, the wine, the dinners. We are on this beautiful boat, we are blessed not only with accommodation but also locations. We will be definitely coming back.

Jack (Ventura, California)

Mateo just caught me off guard now and asked me for my honest opinion. There was no time to put my thoughts together. But, it’s really easy for me to talk about it. This has been an unbelievable experience. We met old friends, we have made new friends, but we all made memories of a lifetime. I know, it sounds overused expression but we genuinely had just an amazing time. The way the trip was choreographed and the experience we had all put together. It came together for all of us. We just had a wonderful experience. One of the highlights was that the quality of the food was too good. You have spoiled me. When I go home my wife is not going to be happy. The trip itself was a highlight!

Doug (San Clemente, California)

Mateo, wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your assistance in making Mary and my trip to Croatia a most memorable one. The Romantic Star was a fun ship to be on and the group on board was very compatible. We, as most people, were unaware e of all of the natural beauty of the coastline and islands of Croatia and we came away with a much better understanding of life in that country. Also we enjoyed the very pleasant dinner with you and Stephanie and hope we can reconnect when you are back here in Southern California. Thanks again,

Jim (Orange County, California)

Dear Mateo & Stephanie! I've been waiting to send a "thank you" to everyone until I had time to recover from jet-lag, but I just saw your email and wanted to thank YOU for being great hosts. It was a fabulous trip. I loved all the small little ports and "bays of the day" you took us into and the special little tours you offered. I loved learning the history of each place. I loved the Adriatic Queen and the owners, family and non-family staff. They were so friendly, always helpful and accommodating, and the meals were delicious. The boat itself was beyond my expectations. I especially liked how small (relatively speaking) it was and the configuration and ease of entering the ocean. Thank you for tracking down stand up paddle boards for me. Thank you for taking over Pilates and stretching class the morning when I was too hungover from wine and dancing the night before to do so! And please thank Stephanie again for babysitting my husband in Dubrovnik and helping him find something to help with his ear infection! :) I t w as a pleasure and joy to have your family on the trip with us, and they are all beautiful and gracious. Thank you for all the help you did with me personally before the trip......answering the incessant emails and never ending questions I had and helping set up the trip to Krka. It was fabulous! I highly recommend. I see that Lon already offered up his house for you to come to Kauai and visit and stay. Andy and I want to do the same. Our house has a better view! LOL! So next time your family needs a rest and a vacation away, know that the Aloha spirit is alive and well here on Kauai and we would welcome you with open arms. Wishing you lots of success with your cruise business. With lots of appreciation, a huge mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian) and a warm Aloha,

Heather & Andy (Hawaii)

Mateo, Thank you all for absolutely the most amazing trip! Truly a trip of a life time! I can actually say I miss waking up to the rings of 25 "what's app" messages!! From the the most beautiful Adriatic cruise, complete with water polo overload, late night super fun dance parties, quaint villages, fabulous restaurants, delicious wine, beer non stop, playing games, cards, bridge, rummy cube, five crowns, (and even the nostalgic zoom Schwartz ) hike to the fortress with views unparalleled and the tram to top of Dubrovnik, islands surrounded by incredible gorgeous turquoise water, excursions on land and water, museums, cave hospital, walks down tiny streets and busy streets, a recreation paradise island dominated by Olympic size swimming pools and water polo players and so much more! Miss my boat mates, my fan club, the most amazing wives and their guys, team hiltonians, awesome adult kids, great organizers and boat crew! We celebrated a couple birthdays, a few anniversaries but most of all we celebrated years of old and new friendships and you all have come out champions! What an incredible 3 weeks we all had! May you all have safe travels back home and enjoy coming home to family and friends. Look forward to our next get together and relive our adventure in pictures from our personal photographers, Jerry and Kathy! Until next time, "Zivjeli" (cheers in Croatian for t hose who have already forgotten). With much love and appreciation,

Mary and Cam (Newport, California)

Hello Mateo – adding the balance of our cruise mates to this email, and will have Kathy email you a few more pics post our championship game – thank you for getting us there! I wanted you to know that almost every cruise-mate stated more than once that the WP cruise was the best vacation/workout/fun adventure ever! I do not recall ever such unanimous praise for anything! We also appreciated your General George S. Patton moments almost as much as your very fun side – see 1st picture attached for Mateo’s fun side. On behalf of all, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful country, family, friends and water polo with us! It was very much appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Until the next cruise...Best regards,

Michael J. Y. (Santa Barbara, California)

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